OK. I’ve made my decision on the route we are taking out to Las Vegas with only days left till our departure!

It was unclear exactly what stops were necessary to make. Should I visit my grandparents in Dalhart? Should I visit my sister in Grapevine? Well, if I visit my sister in Grapevine there is no reason I shouldn’t stop in Granbury to visit my other grandparents, which is only about 45 minutes away. And on the way to Dalhart I will be driving through Wichita Falls, so I must see my family there!

Now, there is a lot of room for jealousy. This isn’t like Christmas weekend when every one of  my family members is vies for my presence…(if only I could be in 40 places at once.)

This is different. How so? Well, everyone lives so close and I have a full day to visit and love and smile with family so it only makes sense; if I am in the area, then I need to show my sweet face.

So, in its final stage, my 1-way route to Vegas has a total of 7 stops:

  1. Granbury, Texas – 3.5 hours from Austin
  2. Grapevine, Texas – 1.5 hours from Granbury
  3. Wichita Falls, Texas – about 2 hours away from Grapevine
  4. Dalhart, Texas – about 6 hours away from WF
  5. Flagstaff, Arizona – 9.5 hours further
  6. Sedona, Arizona – Only 45 minutes away from Flagstaff!
  7. Las Vegas, Nevada – the last 5 hours!

DAY 1: I will leave the 23rd, Tuesday, early in the morning and make my 4 stops before I meet up with Hans in Dalhart. He will leave the same day but a few hours later. In Dalhart, we will soak up the family time, get some sleep, then hit the long-haul in the morning on our way to Flagstaff.

DAY 2: 9+ hours to Flagstaff. We will probably pit stop in Albuquerque, New Mexico to freshen up. Once in Flagstaff, we will get a hotel for the night, chow down some steak and brew at the Beaver Street Brewing Company, then crash for tomorrow.

DAY 3: Spent mostly in Sedona. Sedona, Arizona is a beautiful place full of natural formations and wonders. We will picnic, take pictures, and indulge our touristy side! Once the sun has descended into it sparkling nighttime bed, we will head to Las Vegas.

I understand the Hoover Dam has high traffic right now due to construction so we might have to drive south and follow I-40 across the Colorado River. That kind of depends on the time of day, though. I remember when we crossed the dam last April. It was during rush-hour (that was totally accidental) and the traffic was inching and stopping! It took us about 2 hours to get to the other side.

This time, it will be passed rush-hour once we hit the dam, so we may not have to deviate from our original route after all.

Total estimated drive time: 28 hours

Total estimated mileage: 1,555

Total estimated amount spent in gas: $253.00 OUCH!

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