If you didn’t know already I have another website that I host. It is a self-hosted blog through WordPress… Rushmonkeys.com.

My first theme worked for what I was trying to carry out… a type of  ‘about’ site for extreme/alternative sports with humor and photography mixed in. Then, as the site evolved so did the goals for the site. Currently, it is a work in progress, each day I learn something new and adopt new techniques.

Recently, I changed themes. New theme: IsoTherm News Theme by Bizzarctic.

It’s relatively new and super cool so I am curious how many people have adopted this theme so far.

I’ve been very satisfied with the theme until I realized no one was clicking on my links… that’s because they can’t SEE them! The hyperlinks are black (same as text) and highlighted in a super light beige color.

I found a solution to my problem. Here it is…

As you are creating your new post in your VISUAL editor, highlight the word that will soon become a link and change the TEXT color… i chose blue, as this is a recognizable color for hyperlinks.

Once published, you will see the link in your selected color.

(Visualization is below)

Now, if there is a better solution, feel free to comment and let me know, but as the issue stands, this is the only known solution.

I thank the WP support team for this and Vivian Paige, specifically!

Click on the image to view it at a larger size.

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