About a month ago, I signed up for a website called HootSuite. I came across this site from a retweet that was in response to an original tweet posted by Darren Rowse that was a ‘what social media tool could you not live without’ themed sorta tweet…. ;)

Anyway, I have been looking for something that is easy to navigate and quick. I dig tweetdeck all right, but maybe it’s too much for me right now. To me, it’s just another program that I have to start up, log into,  and that constantly wants to update .
That’s fine and dandy and totally understandable but not what I am looking for!  I’m looking for a simple twitter interface, but that allows me to tweet to several accounts at once.

Well, that’s what HootSuite is!! It’s a very simple website that acts a lot like twitter but allows you to tweet to more than one account.
You can set up automated tweets.
You can also check the click stats of each of your accounts.
I have found that it works best when my goal is to share things with my friends…

All I have to do is copy the URL from the site I like, then go to HootSuite ( in Firefox I always have at least 4 tabs going at once ) and paste the URL, shorten it, add a comment and post to any or all accounts. I can also add files and images.

Plus , there isn’t a ton of frilly stuff I have to work around like I do with tweetdeck.

Now, here is the exciting news, HootSuite has just created a Firefox add-on!!
Last night I downloaded about 3 add-ons for Firefox and since then, I have figured them out… for the most part. So my browser isn’t a link cluttered mess anymore!!

I’m about to install this HootSuite add-on. Let’s see how it works!!….
If you would like to check Hootsutie out for yourself, go here

and if you dig, here is the add-on from the Mozilla website


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